Selfless Service

As Aggies and members of LEIAS, our mission is to help raise awareness about the importance of animal rescuing in our community. There are many shelters that are unable accommodate and afford all the animals that are brought in. Our objective is to raise money for those shelters that are in dire need of it.


Academic Success

Texas A&M University is the perfect environment to grow, learn and build character. While we encourage all LEIAS members to enjoy themselves, we also have high expectations when it comes to their academics. This organization will provide our members with information for Texas A&M sponsored resume workshops, career fairs, mock interviews and academic success workshops. If any member feels that they are not at their optimum level of success, we will do what we can to help them achieve their academic endeavors. 



We pride ourselves in being a group of strong, confident and driven women who wish to foster an environment in, where other like-minded women can grow in their potential talents and build relationships. LEIAS will provide an environment where women can express their opinions and take initiative in everything ranging from academics to extracurriculars. We will develop a community in which our members will feel a strong sense of sisterhood.  LEIAS members will be a part of an extensive support system where they will find their home away from home. Big sis/Little sis is a component of that support system where new members will find an instant connection that will turn into a long lasting friendship. 


As each college student is maturing into her own identity and evolving into an independent responsible adult, certain qualities are crucial. Motivation, honesty, confidence and commitment are just a few examples of these qualities that can help towards becoming a successful and responsible adult. The Texas A&M community offers a plethora of great opportunities for personal development and leadership skills. In LEIAS, we want everyone to become a leader and to take initiative when possible. LEIAS members will be able to develop leadership qualities through projects, services, socials and sisterhood activities.  As members of LEIAS, we will uphold the Aggie Honor code at all times with no exceptions. Every member of LEIAS should be encouraging, driven, and helpful when an opportunity arises. We want to show kindness and compassion to each other and our fellow Aggies.